UNP Snae
Web Designer / GFX & UI-UX Designer / Sound Engineer / Music & VFX Producer
Biography (Long Story - Short)

The story began on 1994 when a sad situation in my family forced my mother to buy me my first Personal Computer, just to keep my brain occupied with something else than the everyday sadness she was dealing with.

Throught the games i was playing, i managed to learn the basics on DOS systems and fast enough i wanted to learn more. Also the Hyundai 286E PC i was using at the time, started breaking down and i could not stand the laughter of one of my cousins that had total knowledge on PC systems when he came by my house to fix my broken PC.

After that incident i felt humiliated being a little kid that got laughed at and i made a promise to myself! To not allow anyone else help me again on anything... So i had to learn to do everything by myself.

Closing down the 90s ERA, me and my best friend, Alex Argyris (†) who was a pure Metal Head, started looking around for programms to enhance our knowledge on GFX Designing and Music Mixing and Editing

It was then that we found about Photoshop, (version 5.1), and Propellerhead's Reason plus Goldwave (currently the Golwave project is free).

We started learning the basics around those programms and soon enough the creative bug was into me. I wanted to design everything i could and learn techniques on GFX Manipulation as also in Music editing and production.

To make end's meet, i had to perform as a DJ in Clubs and Bars in my native town of Athens, so everyday that was passing by, i was learning even more about music.

It was 2011 when i started cooperation with a Web Designer - Developer as a UI and UX Designer for his customer's Websites and e-Shops. But i was not satisfied with the results he provided because of his boredom and "cutting corners" on coding just to provide an easy and fast result. So i threw myself on Coding, started reading and practicing and i have now the basic knowledge to create my designs in Code.

Nowdays my talents on software are many more of course, and a major role on that played the UNP Gaming Clan i was a part of in my youth, as i served as a GFX Designer for our website's needs, although i can assure you that my designs were the worst i have ever created back then.

So...What are you doing with your Social Media Focused Life? ;)

  • NameUNP-Snae
  • Date of birthJanuary 01, 1984
  • AddressAthens, Attica
  • Emailinfo@unp-snae.com
  • Phone*Only For Enquiries
Professional Skills
Maxon Cinema 4D CINEMA 4D
reason REASON
cubase CUBASE
audition AUDITION
t-racks T-RACKS
ADOBE Inc. is an American multinational computer software company focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products since 1982.
MAXON Computer is a leading developer of 3D software for the creative industries based in Germany, since 1989.
UNREAL ENGINE is a game engine developed by Epic Games, first showcased in the 1998 first-person shooter game Unreal.
PROPELLERHEAD Software is a music software company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, and founded in 1994.
STEINBERG Media Technologies GmbH (trading as Steinberg) is a German musical software and hardware company based in Hamburg established in 1984.
IK MULTIMEDIA is an international music technology company that was founded in Modena, Italy in 1996 by two Italian Engineers.